Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Valentines Day Fireball.....

You know what they say…..  Just when you least expect it….  Last night, the skies were relatively clear and the Everett Sky Chart also predicted clear skies.  However, the American Meteor Society prediction was pretty grim for capturing meteors.  First, there are very few out there right now and also when there is a full moon, there is so much light pollution it makes it even harder.  Kp level was very low, so no chance of an Aurora.  But, I decided to run my Canon night cam last night anyway.  As it turns out…  There it was…..

Here is a time lapse from last night.  Don't blink or you miss the flash....

Or YouTube:


  1. I saw a streak in the sky on Feb 13 on camera 3 about 6:47:39 AM. Was that a meteor? I also enjoyed the rainbow in the darkness at 6:00:55 AM, camera 3 on Feb 10, as a cruise ship went by.

    I love your site and blog! Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Anonymous.... No, that was actually a contrail from a jet. A few things I look for to validate.

    1. You should be able to see an ignition point and burnout... In other words, it won't have a blunt end.

    2. It will only be on one image. In this case it was in the image before and after.

    3. It was way too bright out in this image. The skies really need to be dark.

    It really can be difficult to distinguish between planes and fireballs. I have the advantage that I have all the single images in front of me. Also, I have been watching this for quite some time and my eyes can pick it up pretty easily.

    Thanks for the good question.