Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recap Of A Stormy Day.... January 18th....

A little recap of today.....
We had the highest winds just before and after midnight.  High gusts of 41mph.  Steady 25mph+ gusts through most of the day....  I saw one power hit.

At the time of this "typing"...  We have had 1.33" in the last 28 hours....  Yup... It's squishy out there...

Tides and Barometer:
The barometer bottomed out at 29.23" or 990mb.  The predicted high tide for Hansville was 11.14'.  The low barometer added 9" inches to that total.  Plus, with the abundance of rain runoff and the wind, the actual tide was "probably" at 12 feet or a bit more.  There was some pretty hefty spray going over the bulkheads in the Skunk Bay area when the wind switched to the SE.  Here is a video taken from the Point No Point park....  It got pretty close, but I have seen it worse.  Most of the logs on our beaches are now rearranged...  If anybody sees my favorite "sitting log" let me know....  I want it back... :) 

This added to the beach erosion.  We now have about a 2 foot drop at the bottom of our beach access.

There was an abundance of rainbows whenever the buckets of water stopped dropping out of the sky...  I put together a 3 cam time lapse of them.  Best viewed in HD here: Panorama Time Lapse.


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