Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Blog For SkunkBayWeather

This past week I gave a presentation at the North Kitsap Puget Sound Anglers meeting.  During the Q&A I mentioned that I use Facebook almost like a blog and also use Twitter.  I explained how you can just go to the SkunkBayWeather page and like it and you would then get all of my posts.  I looked around the room and saw a lot of “Deer In The Headlight” looks…..  There are a LOT of folks who do not want a Facebook account.  Actually, I think most of the folks who visit my site are in this category.  I respect that....  I have also thought about this for quite some time.  I put a lot of content up on Facebook and Twitter and it adds a new dimension to SkunkBayWeather.  The folks without Facebook and Twitter accounts are missing this. 

I suppose I could configure my site to have an easy way for me to update new content like I do on Facebook.  The downside here is that it would not have the capability of interaction.  That’s half the fun.  Giving folks a chance to comment and for me to respond has been very enjoyable….  There are so many things to share.  I really like to keep it light with a little humor too.

I finally decided to put together a blog this weekend. This seems to be a good solution.  I can put a link on my site directly into the blog.  I can post easily and the readers can make comments.  No need for a Facebook account or any account for that matter.  Comments can be made anonymously.  However, this will be moderated by me and comments will not be published until I authorize them.  A Google account is easiest, but not necessary.  I would prefer that folks who comment sign in through a variety of means or at least leave a name/user name of some sort in their comment.  I’d like to know who is making what comment.  This opens the door for a “Weather Community” to grow and have a lively exchange of thoughts, humor and an appreciation of Nature.

So….  If you are reading this, you are on my blog.  I copied and pasted a few simple posts I put up on Facebook recently.  Nothing really weather related, but recent posts.  Just like on Facebook, if there is nothing of substance, I don’t post.  I could “go dark” for a week or two….  Or I may have a half dozen posts in a day….  It’s all “Weather Related”… 😉

This is all a new adventure and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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