Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Celsius to Fahrenheit.... Fahrenheit to Celsius.... How to make the conversion.... a "little" easier....

Recently my wife and I took a nice vacation to California to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful time. I met a very nice guy from Manchester in the pool, literally at the same time the bombing took place and neither of us knew. How sad.... But, we started talking weather (big surprise there huh?). We both admitted that we could not do the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion in our head. I knew some of the basics and I exchanged an email or two with Scott Sistek. He shared his easy and simple conversion, but it didn’t match what I had been using…. So…. I told him, this one is going to take another “pool beer” and a spreadsheet to figure out….😀 I had that 2nd pool beer and put my thoughts into a spreadsheet.  Here are the results:

I shared it with him that night… Yes, I am a numbers nerd…. :) 
So…. This is the back story to Scott Sistek’s blog today…. 

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