Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Review....

Thought I’d do a review of all that happened last week….  The "highlight" for me has been computer issues…  That took me off-line for several hours last week.  I finally have everything running smoothly… (knock on wood). 

I’ll share some of the things I posted on Facebook and Twitter here.

First, my cams had a HUGE photobomb by a violet green swallow…

And then he came back for more a few minutes later....  Photogenic little bugger....  :)

Last weekend Cliff Mass asked if I could provide some wind shear time lapse video.  He used it in yesterday’s blog:   Cliff Mass's Wind Shear Blog

On Thursday May 4th we had one of the largest electrical storms in many years.  We were spared the brunt of it, but still got some action.  If memory serves, this is the only daytime lightning strike my cams have ever caught.  During daylight hours my exposure time may be 1/125th of a every 20 seconds.  Night time it is set to a 20 second exposure that occurs about every 35 seconds.  So, daylight captures are very low odds.  Here is the image:

Here is the video that includes the lightning strike.  

Sometimes a panorama time lapse tells a better story….

We had a very cold, windy Friday evening….  With a surprisingly beautiful, but brief sunset.  Notice the white caps in the bay....  Winds were sustained in the mid 20's gusting to 32.  Temps were in the 40's....

Extended forecasts are hinting at some more instability and a chance of thunderstorms Friday through the weekend….  Lots of time for that to change though…

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