Monday, August 7, 2017

August Posts....

I am going to start replicating my Facebook and Twitter posts here....  These will be sorted newest to oldest.....

August 16, 2017
A beautiful night for star gazing...
HD Link:

August 14, 2017
There was a HUGE fire on Whidbey Island this morning....

August 12, 2017
This is a time lapse video of the cloudy night last night.  There were some stars, but the real highlight here is seeing how the cruise ships light up the sky.....  Wow....

August 11, 2017
Thought I'd have a little fun with the Groundhog Day theme....  This is a bit longer than usual and intentionally annoying....  :)

August 10, 2017
Anybody else feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day?.....

August 7, 2017
Tonight, in the increasing smoke from the BC fires, we had a remarkable superior mirage from Bush Point on Whidbey Island. Notice the distortion on the trees to the left. This is called a fata morgana....

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Time To Catch Up

A very busy summer for us and regrettably, I have not maintained this “blog” as I should.  My intention here is to replicate what I post on Twitter and Facebook.  It’s all pretty time consuming and I am trying to make this more efficient so the information will be current….  Meanwhile, it’s time to catch up. This past month there have been several events.  It seems like there is always something going on out there.  I am going to review some of these events chronologically..... Newest first... With very brief descriptions.

August started out with the smoke from the BC wild fires.  It was suggested that I rename my site “SmokeBayWeather”…..  Here is a time lapse showing the progression of smoke as it comes in.  3 days recorded at the exact same time. (4:00pm to 7:00pm)

We have also had several sunrises like this:


On July 19th and July 29th, we had nice meteors and beautiful starry skies overnight….

We had a very nice Aurora display on July 17th.

On July 14th there were some very strange lights in the sky.  Something was flying in circles on the right side of this video for over 2 hours…..  Never did figure out what it was.

UFO mystery solved…. It’s now an IFO (Identified Flying Object). It turns out it is a new surveillance aircraft that has been flying in the Seattle area. Here is an article about it:

On July 9th we had just an incredible sunrise….

July 9th also provided some beautiful altocumulus clouds under a bright moon and a brief showing of Northern Lights.

On July 8th, we had an incredible sunrise:

On July 6th, my cams picked up a beautiful sunrise and then sadly a house fire.  This was the arson fire in Useless Bay.

On July 5, we had a very nice display of Noctilucent Clouds….