Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Great Gamble Bay Freeze Over....

This has been a historic weather week.  Obviously one of the most used phrases over the past 10 days has been “I have never seen anything like this”.  This qualifies as a story about something I have never seen before.  I thought I would take some time to write about one of the most remarkable memories I will have of this parade of storms…. 

The “Gamble Bay Freeze Over”

I have lived on Puget Sound all of my life.  I have lived in Hansville for over 40 years.  I have never seen any part of Puget Sound freeze over and I really didn’t think it was possible.  So, when some friends of ours shared photos of Gamble Bay with ice on it I was astonished.  How could this be?  What made this possible?  Has this ever happened before?  I did a little research.
First, seawater will freeze at 28.4 degrees vs. 32 degrees for fresh water.  The average temperature in Puget Sound is 52 degrees.  So, if the water is 52 degrees and it has to be 28.4 degrees to freeze, how could this possibly happen?

Here is a map of Gamble Bay. 

Notice that it is a long narrow bay with a very narrow inlet.  This would dramatically reduce the amount of “mixing” with the 52 degree water in Hood Canal.  

The other thing to notice is there are at least 4 fresh water streams flowing into the bay.  When fresh water meets salt water it does not mix right away.  Fresh water is not as dense as salt water so it will “float” to the top.  In this situation, it will also hug the shoreline.
Now, let’s introduce a bunch of frozen fresh water thanks to a heavy burst of wet snow.  This chills that surface layer of fresh water even further.  Suddenly Gamble Bay becomes an ice maker….  

This is an amazing sight and I am very thankful to Hayley Pistay and Greg Gabrio for sharing these incredible images with me.  Definitely something I will remember from all this historic weather....  

A couple more images were shared with me of frozen over salt water

Alderbrook Webcam

Between Shelton and Olympia

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Some Good Posts With Current Storm Info

There is so much going on right now with the weather and so much uncertainty, I thought I'd share some current links to good posts.  As new interesting posts come in I will insert them at the top.

WOW... This just happening. Gamble Bay (salt water) is freezing over. 5:00pm - 2/11/19

Photo Credit: Hayley Siegenthaler Pistay.

Aerial View Over North Kitsap at 11:00 2/11/19

No garbage pickup again today....

Cliff Mass "Slushmaggedon"

Comment: Poulsbo Cental Market this afternoon:

Comment:  I just changed the schedule of my live streaming cam to run overnight. It's fun to watch the snow falling at night.  SBW Live Cam Link - 6:15pm

Comment: Snow is sticking to the roads now in North Kitsap.  A good time to STAY home. 5:30pm 

Abby Acone - 5:25pm

Morgan Palmer - 2/10/19 - 5:00pm

NWS - 2/10/19 - 5:00pm

Cliff Mass - 2/10/19

Scott Sistek - 2/10/19

NWS Regarding Sunday-Monday

NWS Regarding Monday-Tuesday

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Forecast In My Own Words....

Forecast in my own words... Paraphrased from the latest NWS Discussion…. #wawx
Looks like Mother Nature will be serving appetizers for this storm party starting tomorrow morning…. Just light fare and nothing too substantial…. The main course will be served later tomorrow afternoon. It will start out light and then build overnight through much of Saturday. This of course could be overridden by a Puget Sound convergence zone which we may be invited to participate in. Even heavier snowfall with this possibility. Snowfall totals will be much more than we have experienced the last few years.
Then for dessert, we will be having winds….Then, there will be another party starting Sunday evening. I think our Mother Nature social calendars will be full for the next several days….
So, I will be heading out to Costco here in a bit, along with the other 270,000 Kitsap County residents to stock up….
Be safe out there…. We haven’t seen one… or should I say two like this in quite a while….I will be thinking of the poor NWS forecasters that may be standing in this position for quite a while...

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Major Snow and Wind Event(s) Coming Our Way.....

Update 5:00pm: The NWS just posted this simple, nice informative graphic.

As if we haven't had enough already, it appears we have a 2fer coming our way.  A significant snow event Friday through Saturday.  Followed by an encore event Monday through Tuesday.  The models are coming together on this so it's a good time to prepare now.  

In Skunk Bay we missed the big snow but made up for that with wind and cold....  Our highest gust on the 4th was 49mph, but for a majority of the day we were gusting over 40. Our wind chill was dabbling down to single digits.... Here is a time lapse that pretty much tells the story.  Watch full screen and to the end when the mountains come out....

So how much snow and wind are we going to get?  Cliff Mass just put out an excellent blog about what is coming....