Friday, January 26, 2018

Boring Winter Weather?

Cliff starts out his blog today stating that we have had very boring weather this winter. I agree..... There may be a little something to look at tomorrow... Maybe...

Cliff's blog is a pretty good read today....

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Live Streaming Cam

I have been working on a live streaming cam for a while now.  It seems to be fairly stable.  I can only run it during daylight hours due to the data lid from Comcast.  As the sun is trying to come out right now, it is fun to watch...  You need to let it buffer and clear the previous cache for up to 30 seconds before you see the live image.  Here is the link:

Saturday, January 20, 2018

High Wind Warning Admiralty Inlet / Wind Advisory Northern Hood Canal

The NWS just updated the forecast. There is now a High Wind Warning for the Admiralty Inlet Area and a Wind Advisory for Northern Hood Canal. Now it looks like we will be having winds in excess of 40mph tonight. The fun begins between 8 and 10:00 tonight.... I am going to change the oil in my generator today and make sure it is ready to go.....

Here are the specifics from NWS:

High Wind Warning for the Northern Interior Areas (San Juan, W Whatcom & W Skagit Counties, & Admiralty Inlet Area from 8pm this evening to Noon Sunday. SE winds 20-40mph; gusts near 60mph. Tree damage & power outages possible.

Wind Advisories for Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca, Everett & Vicinity Area (Western Snohomish County), & Northern Hood Canal Area from 10 PM this evening to Noon Sunday. SE winds 15-30mph; gusts near 50mph. Downed tree limbs & local power outages possible!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Possible Wind Saturday Night

Looks like we have some weather coming our way Saturday night into Sunday morning. The NWS has issued a "High Wind Watch" for Admiralty Inlet. Technically, we are not in that zone, but we have front row seats.... At this point, it does not look like a major wind event for us, but just enough where we may want to have fresh gas in the generators.... Here is the text from the NWS:

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a High Wind Watch, which is in effect from Saturday evening through Sunday morning.
* WIND...Southeast wind 20 to 40 mph with gusts as high as 60 mph are possible.
* SOME AFFECTED LOCATIONS...Whidbey Island, Camano Island, Port Townsend, the San Juan Islands, Anacortes, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Cherry Point, and Ferndale.
* TIMING...Winds will increase on Saturday evening then peak early Sunday morning. Winds will start to ease soon after sunrise on Sunday.
* IMPACTS...Tree damage and some power outages are possible. Be careful for the hazard of falling trees, especially if driving during nighttime hours on Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

In case you missed the sunset last night (1/18)....  Here is what came out of nowhere and lasted about 2 minutes....

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2 Lightning Strikes

Last night we had 2 remarkable lightning strikes.  The first seemed to go on forever rumbling through the clouds and then it culminated with an apocalyptic explosion that felt like it hit the house....  A couple of minutes later there was another, more subdued strike.  Cam 3 picked up both.

This was the big one.  You can tell how close it was because the image is completely overexposed...  Way too close for comfort...

The second one was at a much safer distance over by Useless Bay....

I have added a new link on my site that is a lightning map.  It is located just below the CAPE forecast.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Meteor Image On Night Of Wolf Super Moon

On the night of the Wolf Super Moon, my night cam caught a very nice meteor.  Very rare to even be able to see a meteor with this much "light pollution".  It turned out to be a nice image with Mt. Baker illuminated by the moon...


Monday, January 1, 2018

Super Moon Tonight....

This month we will have two Super Moons.  One on January 1 and the second on January 31.  We got a little preview of it last night.  It will start to rise at 4:34pm and be visible on Cam 3.