Friday, February 9, 2018

An Awesome Day Of Cloud Beauty

February 9, 2018

Today the clouds were gorgeous during the early afternoon.  It was SO nice to NOT see 50 shades of gray on gray…..  

With the recent additions to my site I can share 3 different perspectives from today…. 

The new drone camera shows everything from a whole new perspective.  First, this is a still shot looking back down Hood Canal.  The skies were just starting to get cooking at this point….

This video is taken from about 390 feet up and is a full 360 degree view.  This is all new to me and I am still just learning how to leverage this technology…..

I “snipped” this image from my live cam this afternoon…  It is constantly streaming live images.  The sky was incredible….

And…  Maybe some of the best is last....Here is a time lapse from Cam 2 and Cam 3 of the beautiful dancing cumulus…. 

It was an incredible day to capture some Pacific NorthWet cloud “eye candy”…. 😊

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