Thursday, May 10, 2018

2018 Weather Workshop Video

I was asked to share my presentation video from the PNW Weather Workshop to the public this year.  I have also shared this video with the Hansville Community Center and the North Kitsap Puget Sound Anglers Association.  It is a 12 minute video that shows some of the beauty that has happened in the last year.  I cannot put it on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter because of copyright protection of the music.  I am probably at risk of a lawsuit for using and sharing this music... but… In my opinion, I am not only promoting the beauty of Mother Nature (more importantly), but I am also promoting the incredible music from the artists listed below as well as others.  For the record, I have NOT made a dime from this video.

George Winston
Phillip Wesley
Eric Clapton
John Barry

The closing song...  "Tears In Heaven" is a song that I ask you all reflect on.  The words and music are beautiful.  Eric Clapton wrote it to his 4 year old son who tragically fell to his death from a window in their 95th story apartment.  Chances are... We have all lost some important people in our lives recently.  I know I have....  My dream... and prayer.... is that heaven is as beautiful as the morning Mother Nature gave to my camera that day.

This video file is very large and I don’t want to reduce the quality too much. 

The best video (largest file) will be in 1080 here:

A slightly smaller file that "may" play well on slower connections is here: 

I really don’t want to reduce the quality below 720.  I am sorry to those who cannot play this video due to internet connection speed.

This is an image from the end of the video...

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