Thursday, February 7, 2019

Forecast In My Own Words....

Forecast in my own words... Paraphrased from the latest NWS Discussion…. #wawx
Looks like Mother Nature will be serving appetizers for this storm party starting tomorrow morning…. Just light fare and nothing too substantial…. The main course will be served later tomorrow afternoon. It will start out light and then build overnight through much of Saturday. This of course could be overridden by a Puget Sound convergence zone which we may be invited to participate in. Even heavier snowfall with this possibility. Snowfall totals will be much more than we have experienced the last few years.
Then for dessert, we will be having winds….Then, there will be another party starting Sunday evening. I think our Mother Nature social calendars will be full for the next several days….
So, I will be heading out to Costco here in a bit, along with the other 270,000 Kitsap County residents to stock up….
Be safe out there…. We haven’t seen one… or should I say two like this in quite a while….I will be thinking of the poor NWS forecasters that may be standing in this position for quite a while...

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