Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Surfs Up In The Sky....

The sky was beautiful this morning.  The cause is a big wind shear at cloud level.  This creates a unique cloud called Kelvin-Helmhotz.  When two different layers of air are moving at different speeds in the atmosphere, a “wave” will often form.  When the upper layers of air are moving at higher speeds, they can scoop the top of the cloud layer below into wave like structures.  
The conditions are just right today for this phenomenon.  Lots of instability and wind shear.  The winds are really cookin’ north of us right now.  The Port Townsend ferry is shut down due to high winds.  There are Gale Warnings up for Admiralty Inlet and Small Craft Warnings for Puget Sound/ Hood Canal.  Lots of rain and wind coming tonight too….

Update 2:00pm:  The Port Townsend 2:00 run has been cancelled.  So far every run today has been cancelled due to high winds.

Here is a 3 cam time lapse of this morning....  HD Link Here: Panorama Time Lapse


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