Saturday, February 25, 2017

Beautiful Piece Of History Passing By On Sunday... 2/26/2017

A beautiful, historic yacht will be passing by us tomorrow, probably for the last time. Lots of Pacific Northwet history with this one. At one point, the State of Washington purchased it as a "Fisheries Patrol Vessel".... and was used almost exclusively by Governor Walgren as a personal fishing boat in the 40's. He took President Truman out on it several times. 

About The Olympus 


  1. Do you know when it will be passing by our area?

  2. If she is at the Locks at 1:30, she "may" be underway at 2:30 heading North, the earliest siting is probably 4:00ish.... I assume she will have a functional AIS and we should be able to watch her progress on Marine Traffic.