Sunday, February 12, 2017

Changes In Website

Recently Weather Underground dropped support for legacy weather station software.  The function of the weather software I use is to allow my PC to communicate with the weather station and organize the data so it is easily used.  Weather Advisories and 5 day forecasts are two of the critical items I rely on from Weather Underground.  They also provided “mesonet” data which gives visibility of other local weather stations in the area.  I have been slow to make a move in hopes that Weather Underground would reconsider their position.  A little caveat…  They have dropped all support sharing data with us, yet they are still pulling and using the data from our legacy systems.  The part that benefits them has stayed intact.  In February, 2016 IBM acquired Weather Underground.  There was a lot of talk in the weather community that nothing good was going to come from this….  Well, it looks like that has come true.

Along with this, the media is slowly dropping the 5-day weather forecast tiles that can be easily embedded.  For now the only stations left are KING5 and KIRO7.  You could say that my site is a victim of progress.

I am evaluating different solutions to all this and it will no doubt result in a significant re-write to get the features back that I want to see.  Just thought I would provide an update as data is slowly disappearing from my site.  I hope to have some solutions soon.

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