Friday, April 7, 2017

Big Storm Coming Today

Today we have a very powerful storm coming our way.  To quote Cliff Mass: 

“It is probably the most powerful April storm to approach the Northwest coast during the past half century.”

The latest models have us in the 50+mph gust range.  The NWS is very confident with this forecast.  As I come across information I will post it here through the day.  Feel free to comment.

Power is on again thanks to the hard work in dangerous conditions from the PSE linemen!
Power is out....  Running on generator....

A little update from Scott Sistek... Looks like this could last a while. The wind died down here and now it has picked up again.... Just had a 43mph gust.... 


Cliff Mass: "All hell is about to break loose around western Washington as a very strong April storm moves into our coastal waters."

He Updated his blog with some very interesting information...

Just had a 46mph gust.  Took the flag down to protect the flag pole.

For anyone that has to deal with the Hood Canal Bridge today, here is a link that gives relatively current weather so you can watch the trends. It appears to be updating every 10 minutes, although it stopped updating at 10:18... Hood Canal Bridge Weather

The wind has been dead calm here until the last few minutes. I can see white caps up Admiralty Inlet and we just had a 29mph gust... Not much, but things are changing.


9:10am:  Just got word from my sister in-law in Beaverton.... Power is out all over and the wind is smokin'....

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