Saturday, April 29, 2017

This Past Week....

I thought I’d post a bit of the content I shared on Facebook and Twitter this week.  The main reason I started this “blog” was to share with folks who don’t have social media accounts.   

So…  here is a bit of what happened this past week….

We had a gorgeous sunrise this morning with a "mackerel sky" (altocumulus) sunrise.  Altocumulus are indicators of an imminent weather change (like rain) within the next 6-12 hours. It's coming true right now as I type....  

Another great show was some very active spring time cumulus and morning wind shear.

We were visited by the Starship Enterprise on Friday....  In cumulus form.  Scott Sistek put these words to it on Twitter: 

"To boldly go where no cumulus cloud has gone before? :)
We had a gorgeous pink sky during sunset on Wednesday.

Here is that pink sky in time lapse: 

And tonight we watched the first cruise ship of the year go by.  The Holland America Eurodam.

As I am typing a beautiful pink is briefly peaking through the clouds....  Time to stop typing...


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